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Whipped from the Streets to Create A New Look

If you have already been to the Asian countries then perhaps you had the chance already to have a taste of their delicious street foods. This is a local delicacy to them especially in the countries of Singapore, Malaysia, and even Indonesia. While some of those are really appetizing to look at, there are also those types of street foods that will appeal to your curious minds. Who’d have known that they really sell in these countries cockroaches, spiders, and even scorpions skewered in a stick? Weird, right? But it shows also how colorful their culture is through them being inventive in the food they offer not just to the locals in the areas but to the foreigner as well. The taste of the food is simply extraordinary and it is something to be cherished at every bite. You cannot help but fall hard and look for the same type of food upon going back to the United States.

Kaya Street Kitchen

Here at Kaya Street Kitchen, you need not to look further if you are after the Asian street foods. This is because here, we recreated all the street foods you enjoyed at the markets of the many Asian countries. You’d be amazed at how we are able to recreate them down to the sauce that makes these street foods taste even better. Now, you do not even need to leave your garage door in Phoenix for a prolonged vacation just so you can satisfy your cravings for Asian street food because you can already have them just by coming by to the Kaya Street Kitchen.

Among the Asian street food that you can find here include Street Roti Tacos, Fresh Lettuce Wraps, and other delicious bowls of soup that will be a refreshing treat every single time. These dishes that we offer do not cover only one country. Instead, we collected here all the different favorites among different regions in many Asian countries. More than that, we try to serve them the same way, minus the colorful carts used when they are being sold locally. We hope to even improve them with the help of innovative means that we already have at present while preserving the standard flavors we already got used to.

Whipped from the Streets to Create A New Look

You will not simply enjoy a regular dine-in experience with Kaya Street Kitchen. Here, we do catering services too. Whether it is in the restaurant or outside of it, trust that we are your partners in making any of your events even better. We are willing to even provide catering services to you in your event places. Just coordinate with our customer service representatives so we can immediately plan your events with you. We have pre-set packages available instantly for you. Of course, we can arrange and re-arrange them depending on your specifications and preferences so make sure to connect with us so we can plan accordingly.

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