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Testimonials, Kaya Street Kitchen, Asian street foods


The theme of this restaurant to recreate a variety of Asian street food is really great. They are very creative and honestly, they managed to capture the taste. I specifically love their Pho here. I haven’t been to any Asian Countries yet but being able to taste the Pho they have here not only makes me wanna taste more of the same kinds of dishes, but made me wanna check out these countries where they are from. I want to know first hand how they are made. More than that, I want to learn about the culture of those people so that I can understand better their inclination for such a dish.


I have been to many Asian countries all my life. So far, I love Cambodia, Malaysia, and Hong Kong the best. What U look forward to whenever I come to these places are the dishes they serve. To be honest, all of them are unique. Although you can find them in many places in America, the taste is not the same. I think this has something to do with the different herbs that they use on their dishes. Many of these are not found in the United States so it is understandable that many restaurants here just look for an alternative. But I cannot say the same with Kaya Street Kitchen. The dishes they server here taste authentic and they look the same too. I cannot even tell the difference. This is the reason why I frequent this place ever since I discovered it. I even recommend it to my friends, family, and colleague and so far all of them felt the same way. Make sure to come here too so that you can have a taste also of what this place has to offer. I promise you it does not disappoint.