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Kaya Street Kitchen was for people who have cravings for Asian street foods. Traveling to many Asian countries is really nice until you get addicted to their food. Believe us, this is possible. We can even say been there, done that. In fact, it makes you even crave for the specific flavors innate in every Asian food and there are lots and lots of them. You’d think of recreating them but the number one obstacle is not having the right ingredients. So here, what we thought of doing to serve the people and to prevent them from suffering from inconvenience is to simply study each and every recipe and find a way to create it on our own. It was not an easy venture but we managed and now, we can even say that we finally succeeded. We even import the ingredients that we need from Asia so that the taste would be as genuine as possible. Moreover, we also toured different Asian countries for months and went under the wing of many masters so that we can learn the secret of preparing authentic Asian street foods. That is the only way we thought that we can give you the best.

About Us, Kaya Street Kitchen, Asian street foods

Kaya Street Kitchen is ready to serve your cravings for Asian street food. All you need to come to our place and we’ll immediately serve you anything you want. We have a huge selection here that would make you feel like you are traveling to different Asian countries even without leaving the comfort of the United States. Likewise, it will give you a glimpse of the different culture around the world.

You can browse out available dishes going through the ‘Store’ page on this website. We have listed there everything we offer. We have the facility to deliver too straight to your doorsteps so take advantage of this now.